Variety Packs

  • Red Label 60ml 3 Pack

    All 3 of our awesome Red Label Line in one package! The mouthwatering pomegranate pineapple of Gravity, Major Tom with its nostalgic fruit cereal, and the crowd pleasing blue raspberry slushy of Surfside. Why even try to pick your favorite, have all 3!

  • Master Blender's 60ml Variety 3 Pack

    Tabu, Sanctuary, and Dead Elvis; flavors chosen by our recipe designer for their ability to flow from one to another seamlessly. Top off your tank of Sanctuary with a bit of Tabu. Let your tank of Dead Elvis almost disappear and fill it up with Sanctuary...

  • Black Label 60ml 5 Pack

    What?! All Black Label flavors in one awesome pack? That's right! Pick your Nic level and we'll send you one of each at $17 a bottle!! That's a savings of $40! Try them all, pick your favorite