• Pomegranate & Pineapple.

    Dark Horse


    A sweet, tropical blend with notes of pomegranate and pineapple that leave you with a sweet and savory lick your lips vape.

  • Strawberry, Watermellon Tropical Salt Water Taffy. 
Our unique spin on a Taffy flavor. 

    Dark Horse

    Mello Taffy

    Watermelon, Strawberry, Salt Water Taffy with a Tropical Splash. Comes in 60ml smoked Chubby Gorilla Bottles with child proof cap.

  • Old Fashioned Custardy Caramel Flakey Dessert with Tobacco Notes. 
Truly a Vape to go hand in had with a Drink or Coffee. 
This is an UnTouchable Tobacco flavor in the industry. 

    Dark Horse

    Wild Bill

    A delicious, unique and creamy caramelized tobacco flavor that will have your taste buds blowin' your pistols outta their holsters!